Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Changes to be made...

The Blade has the report from yesterday's MAC teleconference...

Coach says that while the depth chart released by the team is the same as it was before the Virginia Tech game, that doesn't mean that things are going to stay the same.

It will be based on how the players practice.  This is our ongoing theme, which is that we have enough players to divide reps and also to push guys for playing time.  So, who starts is not necessarily the most important issue.

A couple things.

First, when you think about changes, the key is that we have who we have.  We're not going to have any new guys come riding in.  The changes that is needed for these guys to play more effectively.

Second, the change everyone always wants is not (I believe) going to happen.  As long as he is healthy, Schilz will be the QB.  He needs to play better, but so does his supporting cast, especially the WRs.

Speaking of which, from The Blade....

"The thing we have to look closely at is who is making plays for us on offense," Clawson said. "We need to get the ball into the hands of our play-makers in a position for them to make plays.

"At receiver we have a number of guys who are all capable of playing at a high level. But they haven't played with the consistency we need to win."

We've used a few different guys, so I don't know who the options are.  There are a couple younger guys.

Three last things for a Tuesday.

First, The Blade also noted yesterday that all the players who were injured against Va Tech are expected back Saturday.

Second,  I don't really think we are going to learn that much about our team Saturday either.  Not to look past Rhode Island, but they are 0-3 at FCS and games have not been close.  If you believe that Virginia Tech was not revealing because of the talent differential, the same might be true of the next game only in reverse.  The Akron game is looking like an interesting road test, however.

Third, one of our players made a comment that we had played two tough defenses in a row.  I would just point you to the UT-Coastal Carolina game (and I know CC was a good FCS team) to point out that they moved the ball much better against UT than BG did.

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