Thursday, September 06, 2012

MAC Blogger Roundtable, week 2

1.) Week one in the books for the MAC. A fairly major upset, several close calls, and several bloodbaths. What was your biggest surprise and your biggest disappointment across the conference landscape?

I'd say the biggest surprise is the MAC nearly surpassing its BCS wins from last year on the first week.  At a minimum, NIU and UT had real shots to win and BG was in the game last at Florida and of course OU won in Happy Valley.  The biggest disappointment was probably NIU getting Iowa on a neutral field and nearly having them polished off before losing.

2.) For your own team, how has your week one performance changed your opinion and/or perspective about what to expect from your squad as the year rolls on?

As it relates to the Falcons, we were optimistic before and we are a little more so right now.  Certainly there are still large areas that need improvement, but having said that we did play a strong and tough game on the offensive line and the defensive line, and that was one of the things the team really needed this year.  It was an encouraging start.

3.) Outside of the MAC, what was your favorite moment from opening weekend and why?

So, if I am talking outside of the MAC, I can't include the wrong-way Kent State manuever that happened in the Towson game, which was downright hilarious.  Out of pure malevolence I'll take the pasting that Marshall took at the hands of WVU, their in-state nemesis.

To which I say.


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