Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Clawson Good Friends With Rhode Island Coach

Jack Carle of the Sentinel-Tribune has the story of the friendship between BG HC Dave Clawson and Rhode Island HC Joe Trainer are good friends going way back.  In fact, Trainer was actually co-DC under Clawson at BG for a couple months before the Rams came calling,  Trainer is also a god-parent to Clawson's they are friends, though they are keeping their distance this week.

Here's something Trainer said that might be interesting to Falcon fans:

"I don't throw the word genius around a lot, but I think over the course of the last 12 to 15 years what he has done with his offense is as good as anybody in the country," Trainer said.
I mention that just as a reminder that as the offense struggles, it isn't like Coach Clawson doesn't have a track record of being a good offensive coach.  I know he can't live at Bowling Green on Brian Westbrook and Tim Hightower and sooner or later he needs to see results here.  No one, including him, denies that the offense here is struggling.

Yeah, his friend might be helping him out.  Maybe the track record is a reason not to give up yet.

Trainer has another nice quote about Chris Jones.
"They have got just an absolute war daddy in Chris Jones," Trainer said.
War Daddy...that one might stick.

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