Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Clawson Presser--Not One Ounce Edition

Coach Clawson held his weekly presser.  There were really only two pieces of news.

1.   Tyler Tate is going to kick FGs for us next week and then we'll see what happens from there.

2.  Coach Clawson is now doing the presser standing at a podium as opposed to sitting at a table.  Which we are not crazy about.

There was a lot of talk about special teams at the presser.  Coach feels it was our best unit last year and everyone was back and next thing you know there are mishandled kicks, fumbles, shanked punts, missed blocked punts, missed FGs, etc.  So, that was disappointing.

Somebody asked whether Coach secretly liked the Samuel penalty because it showed we wouldn't back down, establishing the questioner as the clubhouse leader for the dumb question of the year contest.

Coach said "not one ounce" of him liked it.

He said we tackled pretty well, but missed three tackles in space and they all cost us.  He says either the player was real good or "we aren't as good as we thought we were."  Let's hope it is the former, because we aren't going to see any (or very many) players like that in the future.

Finally, he was asked about preparing for a QB you haven't seen play.  (Idaho's QB sat out last week and he's a transfer) so we don't really know what to expect.  Coach said you prepare for the scheme and go from there.  "Prepare for the unexpected," he said.

Finally, there was talk of Idaho losing to Eastern Washington.  Luckily for BG, we have FBS's leading FCS-maven as our Coach, and he said that Eastern Washington won the FCS two years ago and last year almost won at WA.  He said they are good this year.  (They are in the top 10 of Phil Steele's FCS Power Poll and in the top dozen in the FCS Poll).

And that, as they say, as that.

No one asked him about the "storm trooper" uniforms, which have been creating huge excitement among Uniform Pundits.

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