Monday, September 24, 2012

Benchmark Report Virginia Tech

I ran the benchmarks for the Va Tech game, even though there were not likely to be any surprises.  The game was 37-0 and normally you see stuff that reflects that kind of game.

A few notes:

BG had a decent running game. (Note the confounding effect of the big run by Givens when the game was being played out).   However, the pass game really killed the offense and was almost 2/3 of our overall plays.

Third down and red zone conversion was poor.

And so on.

As for the defense, VA Tech did not have a 37 point day on yards per play.  They ran the ball well and actually didn't have an incredible day passing.

They have good 3rd down conversions and deadly red zone conversion.

Anyway, you can see what it showed.  Nothing too surprising based on a viewing of the game.

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