Saturday, September 29, 2012

Falcons Win #2....

It was a nice, if expected victory.  You hate to talk like this, but BG was clearly just better than Rhode Island--who might be one of the worst teams in FCS--and the Falcons needed to win and win going away.  Anything else, and you would really have to wonder about the whole enterprise.

So, though it wasn't a perfect effort, BG did beat Rhode Island 48-8, hold the Rams to 6 first downs, move the ball pretty well and coast to an easy win.

You can't tell anymore about how good we are from this win than you could from the Virginia Tech game.  The real challenges start up next Saturday--and it will be one.

We'll have more later.  Coach Clawson did introduce a few player personnel moves that indicate that perhaps the issues with our existing personnel were more serious (or as serious) as we feared.  More the meantime, the Falcons are 2-3 as the non-conference season ends.

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