Friday, December 12, 2008

Uninformed commentary on Dave Clawson

OK, what would the internet be without uninformed and occasionally tasteless commentary?

So, I've posted a couple times on our new football coach, and its time for me to "contribute" my perspective.

Everything feels right about it.

There. Now, it wouldn't be the Internet if I didn't bloviate about it until any (largely theoretical) reader cries for mercy.

I just think this is the right guy.

I like that he is a proven head coach, not a coordinator who might or might not be a head coach.

I like that he has won at places where it is hard to win, because at Bowling Green, it isn't easy. Many or most of the players wish they were elsewhere. We are the little brother to most of the football fans in the area. A guy who won at Fordham, you know, he doesn't expect to have it all handed to him. We weren't born on third base. Our team has to run.

Yes, all that was at I-AA. Two thoughts. I'd like to introduce you to a guy we know as "Jim Tressel." Also, good I-AA teams are probably competitive MAC level teams. With fewer scholarships.

He's young. I like that. You get a seasoned head coach and yet he's young enough to have plenty in front of him. I like that.

I like that he's an offensive coach. That's the kind of football I like to see us play.

I also like the talk at Tennessee about running a multi-set offense. This seems to be the trend in college football. A lot of spread looks but some variety in packages, and I think that promises to bring an easy transition to our team.

Anyway you slice it, he's been a part of some pretty good football players.

No, he doesn't have midwest ties. No one has every factor. If he hires the right assistants, that will take care of itself. And if he builds a kick-ass program, it will also take care of itself.

Finally, I don't care if he does well and moves on. If he does well, I'd love him to retire here.

But, as a rule, there are two ways a coach leaves BG.

  • The way Urban Meyer did.
  • The way Gregg Brandon did.

I hope he leaves by the first route.

Promise is just that. Just like you or I at our jobs, or a player or an athletic director or a guy who opens a bakery, you have to actually do the thing successfully. And that starts today. And I'll be screaming from the 50 next fall.

Presser will be at 2:30. You in theory will be able to watch live through this page.

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