Thursday, December 11, 2008

Football Game by Game Review

OK, unwisely, I had decided to try and predict each game on the Falcon season, all before the season actually started....UH, I didn't do so hot. Know what I mean?

So with all due humility, here goes....

Date Opponent / Event Location Time/Result
08/30/08 at Pittsburgh TV Pittsburgh, Pa. L (WRONG)
09/06/08 vs. Minnesota TV Bowling Green, Ohio W (WRONG)
09/13/08 at Boise State Boise, Idaho L (RIGHT)
09/27/08 at Wyoming TV Laramie, Wyo. W (RIGHT)
10/04/08 vs. Eastern Michigan Bowling Green, Ohio W (WRONG)
10/11/08 at Akron Akron, Ohio W (RIGHT)
10/18/08 vs. Miami Bowling Green, Ohio W (WRONG)
10/25/08 at Northern Illinois DeKalb, Ill. L (RIGHT)
11/01/08 vs. Kent State Bowling Green, Ohio L (WRONG)
11/08/08 at Ohio Athens, Ohio W (RIGHT)
11/21/08 vs. Buffalo Bowling Green, Ohio W (WRONG)
11/28/08 at Toledo TV Toledo, Ohio W (RIGHT)

As you can see, the final score was 6-6. I don't regret not seeing the Pitt road win coming, and I never thought we'd lose to EMU. Laughingly, I picked Kent to beat us because I figured we would lose once at home, and that was the MOST likely. Sheesh.

Anyway, that's the sad tale of woe.

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