Friday, December 05, 2008

Illinois State Preview

Well, Saturday our hoopsters will head to the floor and take on Illinois State in what, on the surface, appears to be an exercise in character-building for our guys. To wit:

  • Illinois State was picked to be #3 in the Missouri Valley, a pretty good (note understatement which is used here for both irony and taste) conference.
  • I-State is 7-0 and has won two tournaments so far. (Although they did host one of them, and the schedule hasn't been back-breaking).
  • I-State features Osiris Eldridge, a Jr. G who is the pre-season player of the year in the MVC, and has already been the player of the week.
  • Eldridge is not their leading scorer, however, that honors goes to Champ Iguchi (I couldn't make that up).
  • They are shooting 49% and outscoring their opponents by 17 points per game.
  • Their coach is a Bill Self protege.
  • Their tournament is St. Louis is called Arch Madness. No, it is. No, I don't know who thought of that.
It does look like a tough assignment, but so did playing at OSU and Minnesota and we hung in there on those. An upset win would really add to our team's confidence....

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