Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Football Recruiting Update...

Just a quick update...we've already posted about Patrick Nicely saying he was opening his college search up again after a verbal to BG. Just to note that the buzz is pretty heavy out there that others are doing the same, though I don't know of any that have outright pulled their commits.

Case in point...TJ Fatinikun of Perrysburg says his options are open in the Sentinel.

Here's the interesting part....

“The coaching change made a big impact in my decision,” he added. “I wasn’t really sure about who was going to come in, and when he (Clawson) did come in I was expecting at least some kind of call, a couple visits as quick as possible, just so I can feel comfortable with the coach."

He's the second guy who has said that he didn't get a call from Coach. The other was Nicely, but he said it after visiting Toledo the day after Clawson was hired, so it was a tad suspect.

Obviously, we don't know what's going on. We do know this.

  • Coach said he would contact the recruits right away.
  • He is a winning coach with a reputation for recruiting....whatever he is doing, we can assume he is doing it on purpose.

Based on that, I'm assuming he is recruiting hard, but just looking at some different guys. Verbal commits are just that....non-binding.

I would always encourage a player to make sure they find the right situation. It doesn't do us any good to get players here who are not 100% committed to the program. If it isn't for you, than so be it.

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