Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Road Continues to be unfriendly to Falcons

The Falcons lost again on the road today, dropping a game to Duquesne. BG led by 7 at the half (and by ten in the early second), but accomplished little to nothing in the second half and lost easily, 76-65. The Dukes got 50 on us in the second half....we're more comfortable when the opposition gets 60 for the whole game.

Shockingly enough, I don't think I thought we could lose when we shot 50.9%, which we did. The entire game came down to fouls. We committed 18 and they committed 7, and they made 18 free throws and we made 4, and that's more than the margin of victory.

One other bad factor, we were also clobbered on the boards (-10), a pretty unusual occurrence.

Here's a couple of other charts that tell the story.

Unlike Central Arkansas and Savannah State, I think this is a pretty good team, and while a win would have been nice, this was a tough one to win.

If you read my previous post, chalk one up for the road runner.

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