Friday, December 19, 2008

Quiet week in the Nation....

Some MAC Coaching news, as expected, Stan Parrish will coach Ball State next year, and says that EMU is being turned down a lot for its coaching job and is now looking at the head coach at Wayne State. He is 21-29 in five seasons.

I guess I'm surprised how unappealing the EMU job is. Obviously, on paper, its a bad job but so many of these coaches have such belief in themselves that they are ready to take on the biggest challenge because of how good it will make them look.

Just as an example, the Co-Defensive coordinator at LSU just took the head coaching job at Northwestern State. He would have been an excellent hire at LSU.

Quick football note....The Blade is reporting that Doug Phillips and John Hunter are the only assistants who will return under the new regime.

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