Wednesday, December 10, 2008

MAC Football Predictions

OK, so this Fall, I decided to see who could really see the future in terms of MAC football...who had the ability to prognosticate most effectively. I promised to let the ugly story come out once it was all over, and here it is. (see data here).

I scored the predictions based on number of points from actual finish, once tiebreakers had been employed. So, for example, if you had Ball State third, you lose two points. Similarly, if you had Bowling Green first, you lose one point. You get the idea, I think. Lower is better...

Here are the final standings:

  1. Vandelay (20)
  2. Steele (22)
  3. MAC Report (24)
  4. MAC Media (24)
  5. Ryan of the Blade (26)
  6. Me (26)

So, I finished in a tie for last, heavy emphasis on the word tie. I wasn't the worst, but, you know, it was pretty grim.

Some highlights:

  • Vandelay was the only person to pick Ball State to win the west, and the only person to pick ANY team correctly in the East Division when he picked Temple to be third. He also picked Buffalo to be second, the highest of any of our would-be swamis.
  • Phil Steele was the only one to pick three positions exactly right, which is the final three slots in the West.
  • MAC Report online lost points on Kent (too high) and Temple (too low).
  • Everyone blew chunks on Miami.
  • The Media did not get one position right in either division, and vastly underrated NIU.
  • Me? Well, I was the only one to pick CMU not to win the west, though I had the wrong team taking their place. I had Buffalo fifth because of I didn't think they were good enough to survive their rough schedule.
  • Ryan had Ball State finishing fourth in the West.

So, hey. That was fun. More medicine swallowing to come soon, as I look at other prognostications and we begin to look back on the season in our rear-view mirro.

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Ryan said...

Man, I couldn't throw up a zero anywhere.