Wednesday, December 03, 2008

All-MAC Teams Light on Falcons--Updated

The All-MAC teams are out for the MAC, and its slim pickings for the orange and brown.

I guess I'm not too surprised, but I do think we had some defensive players, especially in the secondary, who deserved a ranking. Also, Dozier and Haneline? Not even third team? Doesn't seem right...

Anyway, we had no offensive players on any of the three first teams, and that has got to be a first going back through the Brandon/Meyer era. I'm certainly not suggesting that any of our offensive players had a season demanding of recognition. Corey Partridge is certainly a good enough player, but we were protecting him to avoid injury and he didn't get the chances. Barnes was RB had a good enough year. Tyler isn't ahead of Davis, Lefevour or Hillier...anyway, you get the point.

Diryal Briggs was a well-deserving first team All-MAC, and Nick Iovenelli was third team as punter.

UT had four players on the three teams (Church, Williams, Moore and Collins) but you know, I don't think you can argue with the first three anyway.

Nate Davis was offensive player of the year and Hoke coach of the year, both no-brainer picks. Larry English was defensive player of the year for the second straight year.

Update: both Ryan and Maureen at the Blade blog are taking shots at the picks. You can also head over to Bronco blog (linked on the left) and for further dissent.

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