Sunday, December 28, 2008

Falcons Win Easily Against Eastern Ilinois

The Falcons did the expected today, as they opened up a big early lead (+10 with less than 8 minutes gone in first half, and then it only fell below ten once more the entire way. At times it was approaching 30 points, and the outcome was never in doubt.

Obviously, as i noted in my preview yesterday, this doesn't appear to be a very good team. On our floor, we should be able to beat a team like this and beat them easily....and we did. So, that's a good thing, not a bad thing.

I also noted that EIU was a pretty good shooting team, but they weren't today. They shot only 36.4% (for 2FG and 3FG), and their leading scorer was 2-12 and had only 5 points. (He was averaging 17). Obviously, it is going to be hard to win games shooting like that, and it was for EIU today.

For Bowling Green, it wasn't a lot better, as the Falcons shot 38%. But, BG did make 8 threes (only 4 for EIU) and made 22 free throws for the remainder of the difference. Yes, you read that right...BG was 22 of 26 from the line. If only that could continue.

It was also a mismatch on the boards, and both teams did a good job on turnovers.

Individually, Chris Knight had a double double off the bench, continuing his re-emergence into the lineup (plenty of rebounds were available), Jakubowski had 13 and Moten 12.

One thing that I think is important to note. Our guys are playing fewer minutes this year as we have more depth. So, you have to take their contribution into account. For example, Erik Marschall had 9 points and seven rebounds, but that came in 17 minutes played. That is a pretty impressive contribution for that amount of time.

Well, one more game left in the calendar year, a road game on New Year's Eve against Dusquene, a team that smoked us on our floor last year. I think we are getting an idea of what we have to work with this year, and I will say this...for the first time in years, I have confidence about what we can do. Not saying that's enough to carry us real far, but I do think we are seeing what the team can do, reliably.

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