Monday, December 01, 2008

Savannah State Preview

So, the relatively drama-free hoopsters take the court again on Monday, this time in Georgia against Savannah State. I thought I'd take a quick moment to think about what we might expect from the.....uh, Tigers. I hope our players are bringing their passports, because apparently it is its own country....Tiger Country!

They are a rare duck, in that they are a D1 independent. Not too many of those around. They were 12-18 last year, but 11-3 at home. They lost two starters off last year's team, and only return one guy who scored in double figures.

They are 4-2 last year, including wins over Brewton Parker (?), North Florida, Coastal Carolina and New Orleans, the last of which was followed by a serious shooting on campus. They were clocked at Clemson, but took UM into OT before losing on a last second shot.

Rashad Hassan is leading the team in scoring with 11.7. They shoot about 41% and have 19 turnovers a game.

Their coach, Quentin Broadnax, "revived" the Bethune-Cookman program, then left coaching for three years to practice law, after which he came to Savannah State. He was a member of the great Georgetown teams of the mid 80s.

If it wasn't for the Michigan game, this team wouldn't be as hard to peg. I guess if we can play OSU and be within 3 points with the ball with :30 to play, then we should be able to beat this team, even on the road. But, you know, anything could happen. They are winning somehow.

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