Sunday, September 25, 2016

The Morning After Our Worst Defeat Ever

There's a lot to say.  Obviously.

First note.  I'm looking out the window.  The sun did come up.

That might be the only high point.

That loss last night was the worst in program history.  It broke the record set by the OSU game.  These are facts.

And they sum up where we are.  The defending MAC champs have suffered the PROGRAM'S two biggest defeats in four games.

Oh---and there's a very good chance BG is the worst team in FBS.  How did that happen?  Can you believe we are looking at those words?

It is simply beyond comprehension.

Last night's game was a complete embarrassment to the program.  I've been around here a long time.  The Cal Bowl.  That GMAC game against Tulsa.  Big House, Camp Randall....there are probably others.

And this is worse than all of them.

Our team is a complete disaster.  Complete.  WRs can't make catches.  QBs can't make throws.  RBs can't make first downs, blockers can't block.  The defense is completely helpless.  Turnovers.  Blown coverages.  Brutal kick returns.  That team out there is a complete disaster.

And that wasn't Ohio State.  Memphis is a good team, no doubt.  But good enough to put our biggest defeat in history on us?  No.  Not that good.

Memphis could have scored 100 last night.

Here's the thing.

I can get that we probably had inflated expectations.  We did lose a lot, especially on offense.  But there were strengths and you had to figure the team was set up to have an average year.  See my preview.

Hey, remember, we had a great line and a good RB and great LBs and a decent d-line  We had a top-flight WR.  We might not have won the MAC, but we had a shot at the East and the cupboard wasn't completely empty.

What are we seeing on the field now?  Empty cupboard.  No cupboard. House blown away by a tornado, just a bunch of sticks and lumber in a heap.

That happened fast, eh?  How did that happen?  He asks like he doesn't know what the answer is.

So, I raised concerns about the high school coach we hired when we did it and then I raised concerns that most of his staff had never coached before and were graduate assistants and quality control assistants at a program that is mediocre at best.  People from Texas came on and told me I didn't understand Texas HS football.  Which is just like college football.  Don't you know?

Look, the nature of life is that we don't know what would have happened if they had hired some boring dude with a track record of FCS success.  Maybe we give up 77 in 2 of our first 4 games.

I don't think that.  Neither do you.

True or not, what has happened fits the narrative perfectly.  HS Coach comes in, actually thinks Texas HS football is like coaching college, brings in a bunch of graduate assistants and quality control assistants and they are completely overmatched from the start.  Because the Big XII > the MAC.

How are those LBs performing?  Seems like they were benched last night.  D-backs?  Any sign of improvement?  How about the WRs?  Does it seem like they're being coached effectively?  Is the o-line overachieving or underachieving?  Is there any evidence anyone coached Knapke and Morgan up this spring and fall or are they where we left them?  Or did they work with a guy whose father was a coach of Jinks in HS?

Overall, did it look like the defensive coordinator had a solid game plan on stopping Memphis last night?  Or close?  Or had one idea?

Here's another thing.  You can tell this is the right argument by where the apologists are going.  They are blaming Babers and Clawson.  CLAWSON.  Wow.

Do you honestly think we give up 77 to Memphis if Dave Clawson and Mike Elko are still here?  Give me a break.

So, the Internet was going crazy last night.  Obviously, the discussion is that Jinks has to go.  There was talk of a Lane Kiffen-style tarmac-firing.  Which apparently didn't happen.

There's also talk of a one and done.

Here is the problem.  That's not going to happen.  We left Louis Orr in position for two years after we should have to finish his contract.  Same with Dakich.  Even Brandon--though bought out--stayed after he should have.

There is no way.  When next year starts, Mike Jinks is going to be standing there signaling plays in.

Don't give me all this about how much money the program will lose in the one comes to the games now and most of the money to fund athletics comes from student fees which they have to pay no matter how shitty the team is.  Ask the students at EMU.

BG is not going to pay two people to coach football for four years.

So, if you care about the program and enjoy seeing us win and don't want to see this turn into a Stan Parrish or Shane Montgomery style reboot that sets the program back 5 years or more...well, we're in the boat with Mike Jinks.

So:  look in the damn mirror.  Get this fixed.


J Michael Wherley said...

Dead the hell anyone can blame Clawson is beyond me. I would love to have Mike Elko back at BG as well. Babers didn't recruit very well.

I am completely stunned how fast this thing has turned south. Sat is a must win against a jacked up EMU team. This whole thing is bizarre and the mirror does't lie.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Jinks can take some lessons from Coach Kelly at ND. No position is "Untouchable " ALL 22 spots are up for grabs and will go to the best player that wants it most.

I observed that the receivers never break off their routes, regardless to coverages or blitzing. No halftime adjustments seems to be made. Top to bottom we need to grow up and make changes. Go Falcon, please.