Monday, September 05, 2016

Jinks Presser: Saturday Can't Come Soon Enough

Coach Jinks held his presser today.  Not too much newsworthy.  Referred to the game in Columbus as a debacle and that it "didn't have to be that way," notwithstanding OSU's obvious high skill levels.

Came out health, that was a positive.

He says the players responded well, went right back to work last night, seemed ready to move on, had a positive attitude, etc.

The most interesting thing was he talked about the coaches putting players in positions that they couldn't succeed in.  He talked about it more than once, and if you put them all together, it is clear that he is referring to the coverage assignments for the D-backs.  In fact, he said that BG gave up 28 points on plays where our guys weren't in a position to succeed.  If you watched the game, I suspect you have an idea what those were.

He attributed it to coaches not knowing their players and what they could do and couldn't do.  As they learn the team better, he thinks that will be corrected and they will also challenge the players to become better as well, to want to be able to succeed in those positions.  Our d-backfield is very young (as he pointed out) and they'll get better, but they, along with the entire team, was "humbled."

Obviously, BG has a young team that is new to their roles, down to the coaches, so it would stand to reason that there was more room for everyone to get better if they're honest about what happened.

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