Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Depth Chart Review....

Just a quickie here...the game notes are out and as usual, they are mostly the same.  We know we have some injuries on the O-line, but for now the list is the same as it was last week.

On defense there are some changes.

First, Ben Hale---who has been battling a concussion--is not listed for this week at all.

Second, one of the OLB spots previously listed Jack Walz and James Sanford as co-starters.  Now, both of them are off the depth chart.  Brandon Harris, who started here as a S, is slated to start there and Nillijah Ballew, who has played a lot for us but was out of the lineup earlier this year is listed as back up.

Hale was previously at ROV.  The chart shows Tavarous Wade starting and Sotolongo at backup.  Sotolongo has played quite a bit but was apparently dinged up in the MTSU game.

The other S is still Jamari Bozeman's spot.  Wade was his backup, and he's been replaced by true FR CJ Pickrom.

There's shuffling at corner, too.  For MTSU, it was Mack and Milton starting with Jeffries and Montre Gregory behind him.  For Memphis, it is Mack and Jeffries, with Jackson and Milton behind them.

I think it is safe to say that BG is digging around trying to find ways to tune the secondary up.  Unless James Sanford is injured that's a pretty significant move, since it moves Harris away from a position of need.

And yes, Knapke is still at QB.  If they do make a move, they won't reveal it until the last minute because Morgan can run a little.

We might hear more coming up this week in the real media...on both injuries and playing time.

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