Thursday, September 29, 2016

Morgan to Start at QB....

So the decision was announced this morning, James Morgan will start at QB.

I think is the way it had to go.  Whether he is markedly better than Knapke remains to be seen, but I think we have seen what Knapke has over 1+ years and it hasn't changed and its time for Morgan to take a shot at it.

I'd advise fans to have moderated expectations.  Morgan is an excellent prospect.  You can see here what we thought when he committed to Babers to be the next Jimmy Garoppolo.  And Jinks has said good things about his ability to make incredible throws...something he is better at than his predecessor.  However, he also has been prone to make poor FR decisions.  Remember, Johnson didn't start until he was a sophomore.

Anyway, in the Memphis game it seemed like the WRs reacted positively to him right away, but in the end he finished with pretty average numbers.

To close the loop, he is an excellent prospect.  Whether he will be an excellent QB on Saturday remains to be seen.  It would not shock me to see Knapke on the field again this year.  Obviously, everyone hopes he picks it up and makes the job his.

Finally, it wasn't all Knapke.  Literally every element of our team was awful at Memphis (Except Joe Davidson.)  But, some offensive improvement would take pressure off our defense, which is in bad shape.  The defensive backfield is a disaster area with injuries and then the one-half suspension of Wade.  Some scoring and first downs would be nice.

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