Sunday, September 25, 2016

Other thoughts...

A few other things that occur to me...

This game Saturday is huge.  You lose that one and go 1-4....with a loss to is a how long can you go situation.  You worry that the coaches might lose the team...if they haven't already.  You could go from last year's season to our worst season in a long time.  And, EMU is much improved.  I watched their game with Wyoming and that team is playing hard and with increasing confidence.

Second.  we did see that switching QBs is not a magic solution.  Jinks was asked about it and said that Morgan made some good plays and some plays where you went "what the hell are you doing?"  On one play---a pick---he threw to the wrong WR and it was so obvious RAY BENTLEY noticed it.  Anyway, at first the team seemed to pick up and the WRs seemed to play better when Morgan got into the game, but he played almost 3 quarters and BG didn't score in that time.

On that point, this one wasn't on Knapke alone.  He didn't play well, but neither did anybody else.  Jinks said we had like 10 drops, some of them perfect throws to players in space.

Beyond that, post-game, Coach was pretty broken down.  He said "it's not like we can go out on the waiver wire" and get new players.  He said that in reference to the defense.  He said that they have to coach them up better...but was clearly attempting to manage expectations.

He also mentioned that defensive backfield issues forced the team to burn redshirts belonging to CJ Pickrom and Jerry McBride.

It won't get any easier...Tavarous Wade, a walk on who has played quite a big in the d-backfield will have to miss the first half of the EMU game.

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