Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Depth Chart is out and EMU has QB Doubt As Well

Games notes are out, new depth chart.

Let's see....

First, as noted yesterday, QB is now Morgan OR Knapke.

Second, the line is back to normal and Coach says he thinks we are healthy there.

Third, Marquis Zimmerman, who I think has been our most effective WR, is now starting.  Deric Phoutavong, who has struggled with a lot of drops, is now a backup.

Finally, the defense remains the same.  As Coach has said, we have who we have.

Other note:  EMU Coach Chris Creighton has refused to name a starting QB between Todd Porter and Brogan Roback.  Roback is coming back from suspension and led the winning drive against Wyoming. Porter started, but threw four picks.  It sounds like Porter starts, but they are differently styled QBs and therefore a benefit in keeping us guessing.

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