Tuesday, September 06, 2016

International Centre for Special Teams Research

If you read this blog, you know that I started in 2009 using my own system for evaluating special teams play for Bowling Green.  It came after the end of the Brandon years, where BG special teams were regularly costing the team games.  You can read the full introduction and see the scoring system here, should such a thing interest you.  The basic idea is that you get positive points for good plays outside the middle area of the bell curve on the right and negative points on the left.  The system doesn't care if you get to the 26 or 28 on a kickoff or if you make a short FG...make a long FG or miss an easy one, now we're talking.

In fact, special teams were the highlight for BG.  We have a dedicated special teams coordinator and BG did OK.  No huge plays were given up--unlike last year's opener--and a number of solid plays were made.

BG finished +4 for the game.  OSU had +9.  Most of the points are from Davidson, but it bears noticing that BG also had a lot of neutral plays that are still good in this environment and OSU had no big positive special teams plays.

BG Positive (+6)

BG Punt to the 9 (+2)
BG net punt 53 yards (+1)
BG net punt 51 yards (+1)
BG net punt 51 yards (+1)
BG net punt 56 yards (+1)

BG Negative (-2)

BG KOR to 11 (-1)
OSU KOR to 41 (-1)

OU Positive (+9)

BG KOR to 11 (+1)
OSU KO TB (+1)
OSU KO TB (+1)
OSU KO TB (+1)
OSU KOR to 41 (+1)
OSU KO TB (+1)
OSU 48 yard net punt (+1)
OSU KO TB (+1)
OSU KO TB (+1)

OU Negative (0)

{nul set}

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