Wednesday, September 07, 2016

Banishing the Fighting Sioux

We've played North Dakota in men's basketball a couple of times and I have blogged on the incredible journey of the nickname of the University of North Dakota.  You might remember them as the Fighting Sioux--prominent especially in hockey--with the Blackhawks-like logo.  The NCAA came along and is trying to put an end to the use of native American nicknames, and they laid down the law.  After state legislative action, a statewide vote, and endless other shenanigans, the fight eventually ended.  To satisfy the legislature, North Dakota even went without a nickname for a couple of years, during which time BG played them in men's hoops.

They had five choices and ended up with the Fighting Hawks, and their new helmet was unveiled for their opener against Stony Brook.  Apparently, they are not popular back home.

The most common question I get when I talk about this is why Florida State and CMU--for example--got to keep their tribal nickname.  The answer is that the current tribal leadership could grant a waiver, which I assume is easier to get with smaller tribes than the Sioux.

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