Monday, September 26, 2016

Jinks Presser: I believe what we do works

So Coach came out and faced the media Monday in what turned out to be a very interesting discussion.  Let's take a look.

First, on the news side, the starter for QB has not been determined.  He said Morgan made some throws "only a few people in the country can make" and then he made some decisions that a r-FR can make.  He expects to name a starter Thursday.

Beyond that, he said it had been a long 36 hours.

However, he has not lost faith.

You won't believe a coach said this:  trust the process.

I know, right?

He says he has been here before.  He started the Steele program (it was a new school) and he went 1-9 and 3-7 and then "won the whole dang thing two years later."

So...."we know this works."  (Given the first four games at BG, we should ask the following.  First, what do you mean by this?  And how do you know?  Follow up---do you know that just because something worked one time doesn't mean it will work again?)

He says the players are pressing, trying to do too much.  He gave his usual assessment, which is that everything was fine until one thing went wrong--in this case, the Phoutavong INT.  Then it "snowballed."  Team has to handle adversity better.  Beyond that, he said players were in position defensively and didn't tackle..and that BG had players who were "wide ass" open and didn't catch the ball.

Which more or less is saying it isn't a coaching issue.  He specifically defended the work with WRs, saying we throw "more balls" than anyone in the country.  And they don't drop those passes in practice.

He was given two opportunities to say the team is talent poor---one of them invoking the previous coach--but he declined to take the bait.  "We have the football team we have," he said.

Also, "we're going to coach our asses off for the next 8 weeks" and "Let's see where this thing stands when we have played that 12th game."  To which I say, don't worry, we will.

He said the week before the Memphis game was our best week of practice of the year.

He's never been a part of a game like that before this year.  If you saw him with his headsets off, it's because he told all the coaches to leave the press box and come down to the field level and "teach."

He was asked if he had done any self-reflection in the last 36 hours.  He said he has not.  This is almost 100% impossible.  It would simply not be human--unless the Coach is a diagnosable sociopath, and I don't think he is.

He does say we are not going to buckle down and go with 2 TEs and slow the game down.  We are going to stay aggressive.

He says BG was at a speed disadvantage with OSU and Memphis and, essentially, he figures guys are slower in the MAC.

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