Tuesday, December 09, 2014

BG to open 2015 Football Season with Tennessee

So the news came out today...BG is opening the 2015 football season against Tennessee in Nashville at the home of the Titans.  It is a marriage of convenience.  BG was scheduled to play SC State and apparently they backed out, and the Vols were scheduled to play UAB, and they backed WAY out.  The marriage does come with a nice dowry....BG will get $1.2M.

Two things....note below...which means that if Dino is going to have a Year 2 like he did at EIU, he's going to have to win some big ones...although we are undefeated at Purdue.

Second, the trolling would have been awesome if Clawson was still here.


Anonymous said...

Could be the toughest nonconference schedule in FBS,

Orange said...

Afrankangle had asked me another question in a comment, which I deleted rather than published. Anyway the question, was whether BG has any Power 5 teams set to come into the Doyt. I am not aware of any...there's a website that has Maryland coming in for 2018, but also has BG playing there next year, which I don't think is right. As I wrote around the time of the Indiana game, it is possible that was the last P5 team that will ever play at the Doyt, as football consolidates.