Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Falcons Tie Up Loose Ends....

When last we heard, Croley was suspended indefinitely and Babers was mum on whether Johnson was going to the bowl game or not.  And you see here that those two issues have been resolved.

The test of this won't be these cases.  The test will be the absence of such incidents in the future.  I'm hearing some serious concern about Coach's response to the Johnson incident and people are in a really sour mood right now.  I have always said that I never want Bowling Green to be a place with athletics programs we are embarrassed by.  We, the fans, are the ones who stay.  Players go, coaches go, athletic directors go, Presidents go...we stay.

Sometimes a little adversity helps you focus on what's important and let's hope that's what happens with the football program.

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