Monday, December 01, 2014

Babers Presser: Get Back Up Edition

Coach Babers had a presser today in prep for a big week leading up to the Championship game.  He had a couple interesting things to say.  They were not unpredictable, but they were interesting.

He was asked about the last loss.....

He said he was disappointed.  He hopes the players were disappointed, because a bad thing had happened within "the family."  It was a bad loss and you had to shine a light on it, and that had made it a difficult couple of days.

He said that the loss boiled down to two things...enthusiasm and effort.  And he takes full responsibility for that.

After you shine a light on it, though, you need to move on.  BG has "earned the right" to play Friday and needs all 3 phases to come together.

He was asked about his level of confidence in James

"Same as any game.  HIGH."

Follow up:  "And the reason in your eyes for that confidence...?"

"He deserves that.  He's earned that right."

Question:  Is the leash any shorter now than previously?

"It comes down to what's happening on the football field.  Are you able to control what's happening or are you not?  Head Coaches and Quarterbacks sometimes get blamed for things that are not their fault...I think a lot of things that happen on the football field and people think its the QB, there are other reasons for it.  That position is evaluated based on how I feel he is playing, not how everyone else feels he is playing."

Which is good.  He should make the call.

He then proceeded to talk about last year's EIU-NIU game and how they threw a lot because he had a 2nd round draft pick at QB and when he threw the ball it went where he wanted.  "That was a big advantage."

Without any apparent awareness of the contrast he had drawn.

Look, there's no doubt that QBs get blamed for everything, even when no one gets open and when WRs go the wrong way, etc.  So I understand what he is saying.  I have said all along that I expect them to stick with Knapke because he represents the best chance to win, and if that's the case, you can't be half in.  You gotta be all in.

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