Monday, December 22, 2014

Falcon Co-OCs Flying the Coop

So, for those of you who thought that Coach Babers had made a mistake with his over-reliance on his EIU staff and thought BG had a low-wattage set of assistant coaches....this is your day.  It was reported by that BG's co-offensive coordinators Sterlin Gilbert and Mark Mattox are leaving BG to work at Tulsa University.  The new coach there is Philip Montgomery, who was the OC at Baylor, so there is a natural connection, plus a desire to play, you know, fast.

It will be interesting to see how Babers handles the vacancy.  Presumably he needs an OC or OCs that know this offense, which can't be a terribly huge pool.  I believe Babers is the true OC, but whoever is going to fill the spot has an important tactical role to play.  Developing.

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Anonymous said...

Wooo Hoooo!!!!!! Don't let the door hit ya!