Saturday, December 27, 2014

Rhett Magner to Coach old High School team

Here's a blast from the Falcon past...Rhett Magner is going to be the head coach at Colony High School in Palmer, Alaska.  The whole Magner legend is probably familiar to most Falcon fans...Rhett's old brother Cole was Alaska Player of the Year for Colony and an assistant named Gregg Brandon talked a Head Coach named Urban Meyer into letting him fly out and recruit the young man.  Cole Magner turned into one of the best pure playmakers our program has ever had.

His younger brother Rhett was 3-time All-State and came to BG to play football, as well.  It didn't work out, and according to this article he ended up graduating from Weber State and then heading back home to Palmer.  He wasn't planning to coach, but he got his toes wet and now will be the head coach at his alma mater--just as his Father was.

Best of luck, Rhett and congratulations.

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