Wednesday, December 03, 2014

MAC Awards Announced...Lewis and Burbrink Only All-First Team...

So, the MAC Awards were announced this morning...nothing is more likely to get teeth gnashing than this, so let's get started.

I kid.

Starting strictly from a BG perspective, the Falcons had only two first-team players...Roger Lewis at WR and Ryan Burbrink at PR.  Certainly, Roger was deserving and we congratulate him.  Ryan Burbrink is a good player for us, though he often isn't even out to return punts anymore.  Anyway, given the season BG had in the East--while most of the good players are in the West--I'm not surprised at only having two players on the first team.  Now, UMass had 4, which is getting some attention.

Having said that, I think Gabe Martin and Nick Johnson--who both made 2nd team--were worthy of 1st team mentions.  I'm not going to go and say who they would replace, just that they had 1st team quality seasons.

Alex Huettel also made 2nd team for the second straight season.

For third team, BG had Tyler Tate and Bryan Thomas.  Tate had a really good year...Secor had to be first team and Detmer is a really good kicker as well, so no great injustice there.  Bryan Thomas had a really underrated season for BG, and I am glad to see him get honored.  He was really productive.

The overall awards were:

Offensive POY:  Franklin
Freshman POY: Franklin
Defensive POY:  Quentin Rollins
Special teams POY:  Scott Secor
Coach of Year:  PJ Fleck
Leadership Award:  Nick Mancz, UT

I can't really quibble with any of these.  Except for the Offensive POY, they exactly match what I had called earlier in the week and I don't even quibble with Franklin, though I would have voted for Hunt.

The rest of the team can be found here....

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brian b said...

Your comments on Ryan Burbrink are disrespectful and a joke. Ryan is one of the best receivers on the team. He was second in yards and receptions. He also does almost all the punt returning on the team. His backup only had 2 attempts. He has had a punt return for a TD in back to back seasons and is constantly kicked away from. Ask the rest of the coaches in the MAC and they will say the same thing that is why he is first team. Pay more attention to the games you may learn something.