Sunday, December 14, 2014

BG and Cleveland State...A Tale of Two Halves.

The men's basketball game against Cleveland State was a Tale of Two Halves, which is a cliche but it works here.  It was the best of times, it was the worst of times....or, in this case, it was the worst of times it was the best of times.

Check out the numbers for the first half...this nets out to .73 points per possession for BG and .95 for Cleveland State, which is not great.  The one thing keeping BG in the game was that CSU did not make a FT in the half and BG made 6...but based on these numbers, you would not expect the game to be close.

Then comes the second half and the story more than switches.  BG ends up with 1.16 points per possession for the 2nd half, which is good and Cleveland State ends up with .6 points per possessions, which is OMG.  Also, note that BG nearly doubled CSU for the half.  The chart below tells the story.  Note that the scale is different because of the crazy free throw rate number..BG actually tried more free throws in the half than they did field goals.

Shooting and offensive rebounding tells the story.

Anyway, we're done.  Just thought it was a remarkable addition to our body of work.  Again, I know this is not a great team, but CSU is a good team and the Falcons fought through adversity and then closed out the victory.  With where we have been, we have to accept that.

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