Saturday, December 06, 2014

Complete Disaster at Ford Field

Well, there will be more tomorrow.  A few thoughts.

Seems like a long time since we were all told we couldn't get onto the train.  It had left the station.  Remember that day?

Today was a complete disaster.  51-17...which means a 34 point defeat after a 20 point win last year, meaning from one year to the next, BG fell 54 points relative to NIU.

It is among the worst big-game defeats in program history.  BG lost to Tulsa by 56 and to Fresno State by 44.  It was worst than the 22 point beat down Big Ben put onto us in the MAC title game of '03.  It is the worst conference defeat since 2011 @WMU.

It is also the most one-sided game in the history of the MAC Championship.  (2007's CMU win over Miami by 25 was the previous  record).

It is the most points ever scored in a MAC title game...with 51 points.  The previous record was 49, by Marshall and Miami (against BG).

NIU's 51 points tied their D1 season-high...the other was against Miami, who also scored 41.

NIU's previous highest margin of victory this year was 14 points (FBS games only), which was Ball State.  UT came within 3 of them while using their #4 QB.

NIU only beat EMU by 11 and Kent by 3.

A complete disaster unworthy of a title game.  This team got worse as the season went on.

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