Saturday, October 04, 2014

USA Today on Babers Bonuses

One of USA Today's angles is to keep an eye on Coaching contracts and their salaries and stipulations.  They have a database of contracts acquired through FOIA requests, etc.

First, and perhaps most interesting, is that the article says he does not have a contract with BGSU but is working on a Memorandum of Understanding.  Given that he agreed to come here last December, I think its surprising that there is no deal, but whatever works, I guess.

Anyway, the article says Coach Babers made $5,000 for beating Indiana.  He gets $10,000 for just playing fact, he gets that much for any game where BG gets a $400K guarantee and that whipping in Madison made the school $800K.

Obviously, coaches have a series of bonuses in their contracts now--some of them are academic, etc.  The only observation is that they are all positive--you could also say "I'll pay you $5,000 for the difference between Power 5 wins and non-MAC-non-Power 5 losses" which would net Babers out this year.

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Tim said...

I am seeing more and more of this. UB's Bobby Hurley was hired in the same way last season. First the memorandum then the contract way later.