Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sweet Victory #5: Embrace it!

Ok, then.

Much more to come later.

I was off twitter and have more or less resigned myself from I am not sure where the nation is on this one.

Here is what I know.

First, this team is 5-2.  After the hue and cry--some of it here--this team is 5-2 and 3-0 in the MAC, with a win over a Big 10 team.

So, you are following a team that has now won its last 8 MAC games and won 10 out of its last 13 games overall...and somehow you aren't happy?

How long did we wait to put this kind of success together?  How many times did it takes us two seasons to get 10 wins?

Previous games were too close?  How about an 18 point win on the road.

Unsustainable to continue to win while outscoring in shoot outs?  How about a 13 point performance by the defense?  Yes, I know they gave up a lot of yards and OU was not a good offensive team...still, they scored 13 points and BG had the game firmly in hand.

My advice is to embrace it.  We are having more success than we have had in a decade.  We have as good a shot as anyone in the East to get back to Detroit.

Is it perfect?  No?  Is it pretty?  Not always.

This team is 5-2.  They are finding ways to win, which I believe is the objective.  I felt like Ward made a difference today...other guys are playing well.

This team is 5-2.  So long as the wins are coming, let's enjoy the ride.

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