Wednesday, October 01, 2014

MAC Blogger Roundtable---My answers

This week's MAC Blogger Roundtable is hosted by Brandon Fitzsimmons, a WMU blogger.

1. Last week we saw two teams from the bottom of the MAC East last season push two teams from the top to the brink of losses as UMass nearly knocked off Bowling Green and Miami hung tough with Buffalo. Which of the bottom five teams from last season (Kent State, UMass, Miami, EMU, WMU) could you see making the jump to the top half of their respective divisions this season, if any?

Well, if you can tell the top of the MAC East from the bottom of the MAC East, you are better blogger than I am.  The whole division seems to be a middle, or maybe a bottom.  It is going to be a crazy race...anyway, WMU might be the best team you mention, but they have a tougher time making the jump in the West.  EMU and Kent I don't see...I guess I'd take UMass over Miami.  Both teams are better than expected.  Sharpe is the best WR you never heard of for the Minutemen.

2. Much noise was made when Central Michigan reinstated Thomas Rawls mid-week last week. Was this the right move for Dan Enos and the CMU Athletic Department to make or were they being too lenient with their star running back?

I usually avoid making these types of judgment.  The only way to really know what the right thing to do is to know Thomas Rawls.  I understand that teams might be lenient with their star players, but I am not a zero tolerance guy.  If you have a good citizen who makes one mistake, that should be treated differently than a repeat offender.  Also, I think you need to know how the person grew up, etc.  Schools should do what is best to help the young man become a better person and take actions to keep the overall team understanding that there are consequences.

3. We're a month into the season, which is never too early to vote for MAC seasonal awards. Who gets your vote for the top marks so far (Coach of the Year, Freshman of the Year, DPOY, OPOY)?

COY:  Matt Campbell
FOY:  Jarvion Franklin
DPOY:  Tough to tell.  Just for fun, Quentin Rollins.
OPOY:  Also close.  Franklin, Licata, Frohnapfel, Roger Lewis, Hunt all in running.  Honestly, you might go Franklin right now.

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