Wednesday, October 15, 2014

MAC Blogger Roundtable, My Answers

This week's Blogger Roundtable comes from Over the Pylon, a Ball State blog.

1.) The dominant story this week in college football has been the autographs for potential profits from Jameis Winston or Todd Gurley. Who on your team would command the highest price for their signature, and what would it be worth to you?

Well, to me it would not be worth anything.  I've never paid for it in my life.  (See what I did there?).  I remember one time I got Pete Rose's autograph and it was free and it was mostly an excuse to approach the player.  He was nice about it.  Anyway, I'd say that if BG did have someone who could charge for autographs it would be Matt Johnson and probably Travis Greene.

2.) At this moment we have three undefeated teams in conference play (Akron, BG, Toledo). Do you see any of them running a clean sheet in MAC play? If not, who trips them up? Conversely, Ball State and Kent State sit winless in conference play. Who is their first win, if they even get one at all?

Interesting question.  would say the team with the best shot in that group is Akron.  Their toughest game is BG in Akron...other than that, it is OU, Ball State Buffalo, UMass and Kent.  Only the BG and UMass games are at home, so that makes running the table tough, but it could happen.   I'd say Toledo has a shot.  Their toughest games are NIU and BG and both are at home. They cross-over with UMass and Kent and then finish with EMU.  While we are happy with the BG season to date, I don't think you will see the Falcons run the table...potential trips are, first and foremost, anyone...followed by UT, and Akron.

As for the winless teams, Ball State surely at least beats EMU...Kent really could go winless, their most winnable games are on the road.

3.) Some major schools, most notably Florida are now loudly banging the drum for coaching change. The dominoes that kind of move would have would be felt everywhere. Who is most likely from the MAC to move up at the conclusion of this season, and more importantly, who may be packing up their own office a la Jeff Quinn by season's end for not so good reasons?

Well, the most likely and attractive candidate is Matt Campbell, but I have no idea what his interest might be.  I think Bowden would be on some radars.  Fleck is going to get some notice, but it is probably a year early.  The Lembo train will probably remain in the station for at least a year, and Carey, Babers, Enos, Creighton, Martin, and Whipple are likely to stay in place.  I would also suspect that Haynes will be back at Kent, though certainly everyone there has to be disappointed. Finally, could this be the year Frank Solich retires?

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