Wednesday, October 15, 2014

International Centre for Special Teams Research

Special teams played a big role in the OU win.  We have already covered Davidson dropping punts inside the 10 yard line like lawn darts, but there was also a stopped fake punt and solid coverage on at least one kickoff.  BG had only two negative plays--and both were on kickoff returns--so BG had a net score of +10, which is their highest since the VMI game and the highest in FBS since the Tulsa game that kicked off last season.  OU ended up even, 7 up and 7 down.

BG Positive
BG Punt to OU 1 (+2)
BG KO TB (+1)
BG 49 yard net punt (+1)
Defends fake punt (+3)
BG punt to OU 4 (+2)
OU KR to 18 (+1)
BG punt to OU 7 (+2)

BG Negative
OU KO ret to 38 (-1)
OU KO ret to 38 (-1)

OU Positive
OU Punt to BG 11 (+1)
OU KO TB  (+1)
OU 18 yd punt return  (+1)
OU 45 yard net punt  (+1)
OU KO ret to 38  (+1)
OU KO TB  (+1)
OU KO ret to 38  (+1)

OU Negative
OU KO OB (-1)
OU Misses 38 yd FG (-1)
PR Penalty takes ball inside 10 (-1)
Failed fake punt (-3)
OU KR to 18 (-1)

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