Friday, October 17, 2014

Falcon Pride Morning: Chris Jones!

Falcon Pride morning.  Here's Falcon great and former MAC Defensive Player of the year Chris Jones in a happy moment with Bill Belichek after Jones blocked a FG last night to preserve the victory for the Pats.  Could look at this picture all day.

Two things are cool, as contained in this story.  First, Jones says it is the first kick he has blocked at any level of football.  And second, it was just last October when Jones was called for an infraction while trying to block a kick against the same team and same kicker that gave them a second chance in OT and the Pats a defeat.

So, a little redemption for Jones.  Here is what he said...
"It's hard to believe sometimes."
Amen brother. Late draft pick, cut by the Texans, signed by the Bucs, cut a week later, signed by one of the top organizations in football, contribute as a rookie and now you and Bill are smiling...

Falcon Pride morning.

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