Thursday, October 23, 2014

MAC Blogger Roundtable, My Answers

The weekly MAC Blogger roundtable is back....this week hosted by Eagle Totem.

1. Last week talked about coaches; this week let's talk about players: Which player from your team has been the biggest positive surprise, and who has fallen the most short of expectations?

For the positive surprise, I would go with R-FR LB James Sanford.  Sanford had seen no action prior to the year but has stepped in with injuries at LB and made some very nice plays and has been productive.  He made a big play in Athens to help BG close out the Bobcats.

I would say that the fallen short of expectations player would be Gehrig Dieter.  That might be a matter of the expectations more than anything.  Dieter transferred from SMU and I think BG fans had high expectations that he would step right in and be an all-MAC caliber player, but between being injured and not playing for a year, he just hasn't contributed yet.

2. If you could steal any one player from another MAC team, who would you take and why?

Well, given that BG lost its starting QB, I guess I would go with Zach Terrell, who has been the most efficient QB in the MAC in a passing role.  An experienced QB would help the team out a lot.

3. Bill Parcells once commented, "You are what your record says you are." Which MAC team this season is not what their record says they are?

Boy, if you were to ask a large number of Bowling Green fans, they would say it would be the Falcons.  I think the real answer is that you can't answer the question because you don't know who anybody actually is.  There's hardly a team without a blemish or a contradiction on their record.

4. We were supposed to do this last week but seem to have forgotten, so...rank 'em!

  1. UT
  2. NIU
  3. AK
  4. WMU
  5. BG
  6. CMU
  7. OU
  8. UMass
  9. Ball State
  10. EMU
  11. Buffalo
  12. Miami
  13. Kent

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