Monday, October 06, 2014

Tate MAC East Special Teams POTW for 3rd time...

Might just need to make this the Tyler Tate award...Tate was given the East special teams POTW for the 3rd time for his 3FG performance against Buffalo.

It is worth noting the milestone this represents.  From the departure of Shaun Suisham through the arrival of Tate, BG's FG kicking ranged from average to awful.  For much of that time, our coaches were forced to go for it on 4th in FG situations because of a lack of confidence.  In some of those situations, it has caused a serious problem, because when you are up (say) 2 points late, a FG makes a huge difference and we just didn't feel like it was an option.

Tate has put that to rest.  And with our offense being a little less effective in the red zone, he has allowed us (in part) to weather the storm of Johnson's injury more easily.  He's reliable and the best kicker we have had since Suisham.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the contrast was made even clearer Saturday, because Buffalo was in the position we used to be in.  They had missed (badly) an easy FG and then as they drove down the field needing a FG at the end, they had to either push to get very close or score because they couldn't count on their kicker to make something in the 35+ range.  With a good kicker, strategy is much different for Buffalo since they were in plus territory already with the wind at their back.

We have had a couple of kicks blocked, including one Saturday.  My assumption has been that those have been with the hold.  Could have been the same issue Saturday.  The kick was really low and maybe you try to keep it low when kicking into the wind...maybe coach will discuss that on Wednesday.

Anyway, it is a great feeling to have a kicker you can have confidence in.  Makes a huge difference and can keep you in games.  Touchdowns are better, but FGs can at least keep a game within reach.

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Ken said...

Great article on Tyler Tate in the Blade after the Indiana game.

Worth spotlighting given he has won this award 3 times just now. It gives insight into how he approaches his kicking duties from a mindset perspective and what he thinks makes him more effective because of it.

It also has a shout out to him from Coach Babers for his tackle after a blocked kick at the end of that game.