Thursday, October 02, 2014

Babers Presser--Chilly Edition

Or is it the penalty box edition?

Anyway, I watched so you don't have to.  But you might want to.

The first part of the presser was highlighted by a rather chilly exchange between Coach Babers and WTOL's Jordan Strack.

Strack started by asking if Babers was frustrated by his defense.

Babers responded, paraphrasing here,  that he is not frustrated with defense...he cited injuries, thinks they are improving and expects them to continue to get better as they get healthier.

Strack was not deterred however, and pointed out that Lynch and Ward played against WKU and the defense got lit up there.

At this point, Coach Babers abandoned his normally upbeat disposition and displayed some real irritation at the question.

(Paraphrasing)  He said that at WKU guys needed to settle in to a new system, that we were blending two systems and we are simplifying things now and presumably backing off the blending.

There was a break for another question, and then Strack was back at it again.

Strack:  Can you win a MAC Championship like this?

Babers:  (clearly irritated)  Like what?

Strack:  Giving up 40 points, giving up 600 yards.  Can you win shoot outs every week?

Babers:  Last time I checked, if you have one point more than your opponent you are allowed to get the W.

Strack:  So, is that bottom line, just whatever it takes?

Babers:  Winning normally keeps me seated here.  Normally people are happy when we win, yes sir.

OK, then.  This is me for a while here.  First, those were all fair questions.  I mean, the frustrating one is a little bit of a set up, he expects him to say he isn't and what does frustration have to do with it?  The real question is disappointed or unhappy.  Having said that, if you are going to blame the injuries, the WKU question has to be asked.

Beyond that, I think the question about whether it is sustainable for a MAC title is also a legit question.  No one knows, and I would doubt it, but it is a reasonable question.  As Coach Babers says, winning is winning, and BG fans should hope that we win shoot outs because I don't think we are going to win any other way.

As for the bottom line question...I don't know, I mean, of course winning is the bottom line.  If, as suggested, it is not sustainable to win this way, then they won't and losing will be the issue.  If BG makes it to Detroit winning 48-42, I'm not going to complain.

A few non-refrigerated moments.

Coach was asked about the defense being more aggressive.  For a while they seemed to be blitzing and then UMass went to a 3-step drop set that seemed to put an end to that.  Coach did say in the pre-season that BG was going to look to force more turnovers, and they certainly did.  UMass had 4, including two in the 4th at key points.  (BG allowed more than 600 yards while getting four turnovers.)  Coach says the defense is supposed to be as aggressive as the offense.

Coach was asked about opening up the playbook for Knapke.  He said that the coaching staff only believes in preparing one QB, so they had a lot to learn about Knapke when he became the starter.  They are working to learn more about what he can do and opening things up based on that.

John Wagner asked about how Coach's review of the penalties went.  Coach said that BG held a "penalty box" party.  This will be a new tradition at BG.  When asked what happens at a party like this, Coach said "oh, physical things."

In case you thought Coach was just some kind of new age guy, he has old school in him.  Probably more old school than you think.


Ken said...

Small typo BJ. "Coach says the defense is supposed to be as aggressive as the defense."

Good work.

Orange said...

Thanks! Have it fixed.