Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Benchmark Report, Bull Edition

So here are various stats for the game with Buffalo, compared to the MAC averages.

Actually, in terms of statistics, this game was not as close as the score.  I think BG's -2 turnover ratio helped keep it close, but based on the statistics, BG was better all the way along the line.  BG was, in general, above the MAC average and Buffalo was below.  On these measures, the defense had a better day....probably their best game of the season.  Note that while a lot of rushing yards were yielded, the Bulls were completely committed to the run so the average does not net out as anything special.

Finally, check out the seconds/play.  Buffalo looked like last year's Falcons, with constant substitutions and lots of time arranging guys while the clock ran down.  BG, in fact, ran plays Saturday nearly twice as fast as UB did.  That is a hell of a contrast.  


Anonymous said...

What I loved about the Buffalo win was the continued effort until the end. There were several points in the game where I thought that the Falcons could have quit (most notably during the third quarter) but they kept after it (especially the D in the 3rd quarter) and got the W. Determination doesn't always show up in the statistics but this team had it on Saturday.

Orange said...

Yeah, I think that's 100% true. Also true of the UMass game. BG's defense kept battling until the last drive, even when there was no real evidence that it was worth continuing to fight. You have to admire that in your team. The have struggled, but they are always fighting.