Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sweet Victory: Punting

One last thing.  Will have a full review of special teams coming up, but for now...I do think it is worth seeing the role that punting played in BG's win Saturday.

The biggest thing was punting.  Davidson just had a huge game.  First, he had a 47.8 average over a 41.9 net, which is 5 yards over the MAC average.  He did that while putting OU inside their 20 five times and four more times if you count one penalty.

Those long fields mattered.  OU was forced to run a lot of plays before they even got near scoring position, giving BG's defense multiple opportunities to make a play or for OU to make a stop.  On shorter fields, OU has a much different job.

Coach noted that Davidson is a good athlete that they actually tried to make into a WR.  Clawson always say you want a football player who happens to punt, and our last two guys have fit that bill.  Anyway, the field position Davidson earned BG made OU's job harder and helped give our guys a shot.

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