Friday, December 01, 2006

Rumor Mill Says Sean Ellis leaving

The rumor mill out of BG says that FR. Kicker Sean Ellis--who we invested a scholarship in--is leaving school. While this has not been confirmed officially, it is coming from a couple different sources.

Brandon detractors are jumping on this. Brandon specifically mentioned bringing in a JC kicker during his year end interview with The Blade, and bemoaned our propensity for short kickoffs. Also, there was an awkward public situation where Ellis told ESPN that he wanted to kick the FG vs. Miami from the left hash, but we lined the ball up on the right hash, and then Ellis slipped and fell on his butt on national television, after being shown walking gingerly in the mud for several minutes prior to the kick. There was also the statement that he was going to see a sports psychologist.

Anyway, if true, it is too bad. I wish him the best. Meanwhile, if true, it doesn't help our woeful special teams.

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