Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Falcons Win Again

The Falcons beat a Northern Colorado team last in AA that is now 2-9, matching a blow out loss to Ball State with some close wins against major college teams. It is hard to tell how good they are. They were not good enough to beat our team last night. (63-53).

I'm not complaining. We're 6-3, and after last year's 9 win season, each win is sweet.

NC got out to a quick start, but Ryne Hamblet got hot and by halftime we were on a run and up 11. In the second half, the Bears never got the score within 6 and trailed by double digits most of the way (as high as 14).

It sounded like a pretty dull game in front of 1,045 at AA right before Christmas. Here are some key points:

  • We are getting killed on the boards. It happened at Wright State, and it happened against NC. Without Marschall, we are hurting. (With Marschall, we probably weren't a great team on the boards).
  • 42 of our 63 points came from Samarco and Hamblet.
  • We held another team to a lousy shooting night/another team shot lousy against us last night. Not sure which. NC shot only 34%.
  • We had 18 fouls, which isn't too bad. However, I think we had 3 in the first half, so they second half was pretty gross.
  • We only had 11 turnovers.
  • We are turning into a team that gets a lot of steals--not on the ball, but in the lanes (sound like hoops talk?) We had 11 steals.
  • Coach gave Brandon Bland a lot of credit for turning the game around in the first half. Calling him the best defensive player on the team, Bland made some stops, I guess. Nothing in the stats line, but a shutdown defender is certainly an asset.
  • Finally, in a little diversion after game day, the Falcons held a team bowling tourney. Coach is apparently the best bowler on the team. You fill in the rest from there.

We play Marshall Friday night, and then go to Green Bay for a tourney where we play the host (UWGB) but also Michigan Tech and Jacksonville State. We should hit MAC play with at least 8 wins, maybe 9.

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