Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Brian Kelly gives Chippewa players Hose Job--like a former Falcon Coach did.

CMU coach Brian Kelly has apparently decided to coach Cincy in the International Bowl. Which means, I assume, that he won't coach CMU in the Motor City Bowl. Further, there seems to be some idea that he will take his assistants--or most of his assistants--with him to Cincy. CMU could be real short of coaches in what is the most exciting moment of many of his player's lives.

Don't blame him for leaving, especially as his contract was up. Don't blame him for taking the $$. This is an act which is without conscience.

Here's what their fan forum has to say.

Update: Central's assistants are going to coach the team in the bowl game, including a longtime Kelly Coach who followed from Grand Valley, and who considers himself a candidate for the full job.

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