Friday, December 29, 2006

Falcons Win #9

The Falcons won their ninth tonight with a hard fought 77-69 victory over Jacksonville State at a Holiday Classic in Green Bay. We have equaled last season's win total.

Jacksonville is 3-9, and you might have expected us to have an easier time, but at the same time, I don't think you can really expect that out of this team. Notwithstanding the strong record, I am recommending all Falcon fans temper their expectations until further evidence emerges.

As usual, Samarco led us with 19 points. However, our new hero, Nate Miller had 13 points, 9 boards and five assists. (Just wait until Marschall is back). And, of all things, Brian Moten came on with 18 points, in 20 minutes, with all points coming in the second half.

JSU shot pretty well against us (47.4%), which is unusual. With about 3:30 left they were still within three points, BG never led in double digits, so it was a tight game wire to wire. We hit eight straight free throws to ICE the game (Green Bay joke).

Miller has contributed nearly every night he was out there. If Moten can contribute at all, he just adds tremendous depth.

I don't know what we have. I really don't. (Except to say that I know it's better to watch as a fan than what we had last year).. But, I can't wait for Buffalo to head into Anderson Arena so we can find out.

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