Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The now we know

OU wins the East, CMU wins the West. And congratulations to all. Both are programs on the rebound, under the power of what I consider to be the single most important element in building a winning college football program--the Head Coach.

I have liked Brian Kelly. Even liked him for the job when UM left. He is a proven winner with great ties in this area. I am not entirely surprised to see him win, though I am little surprised it happened this soon.

Frank Solich wins at OU. Again, not a surprise. He didn't get to the head job at Nebraska because he didn't know what he was doing. And, he took his team to a 1-loss MAC season (to date), and an 8-3 record to date. That is not to discount, of course, that I didn't actually FORSEE Frank doing it this year. It still isn't a surprise.

Of course, in the MAC your challenge is what comes next? Any winning coach is a target for larger programs, except Amstutz. Kelly has been rumored to be leaving CMU, though nothing has happened yet. Solich rumored nowhere, but I don't believe he is long for OU. I think eventually some outlaw school like South Florida (or, Florida INTL, where Don Strock is leaving) snap him up for more $$ than he is getting in Athens.

Now for the painful part. At the start of the season, I posted a complete review of where I thought the MAC would end up this year. With great humility, let us review my basic conclusions...:

  • UT and NIU would be the class of the MAC. WRONG!
  • Akron had only one tough road game and would win the East...WRONG!
  • Miami would be 5-3 in the MAC. WRONG!! WRONG!! WRONG!!
  • BG would be 4-4 in the MAC...WRONG!! (Note that I expected many Falcon fans to think I was being negative. Yet, there you go).
  • Didn't see Kent coming. NO, I did not.
  • Nailed Buffalo right on. True dat.
  • I did, in fairness, concede that there was a chance that OU might be good, though I didn't think it would happen.
  • Same for CMU--I felt it they were good, it could really impact the race. I saw them going 6-2.
  • I had WMU going 1-7 in the MAC (with a possible 4-4 season). Nice job, genius.

Here was how I finished that post....

This will be a total laugh to read around Christmas time.

OK Laughing Boy. Laugh On.

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