Monday, November 27, 2006

Reports say CMU Coach to go to Iowa State

I figured that Kelly would eventually move on and up but I didn't figure he could pull it off after only three years at Central, even with his great resume in DII at Grand Valley State. It is simply the price of success in the MAC--your coach leaves.

I feel bad for his team. They play in the conference championship in four days, and the Motor City Bowl the day after Christmas. I hope they don't end up feeling like they got the Stolz treatment. It especially hurts because the "extra" practices you get for the bowl game are supposedly the big benefit to the game, and now they will be conducted by a lame duck coach with one eye on some HS DB in Des Moines.

I heard on the radio that he had a four year extension from CMU on the table, and still went to Ames.

Update: Apparently, the tables have turned. A coordinator from Texas is in line for the job. I still feel bad for the team.

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